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About the artist.


Jason Cuellar is a is a first-generation Mexican American born and raised in Austin, Texas. His love of cumbia started at a young age when he would sit and write the lyrics to his favorite songs by Los Telez. He went on to play the saxophone in the school band, and later the guitar when his father gifted him one for his birthday. Jason now plays guitar for local cumbia bands and DJ’s all over Austin.

His love of music started at a young age, and evolved and grew over time. From playing saxophone in the school band, to playing guitar in a cumbia band, and now DJ’ing and producing his own music in Austin, Texas. 

The nickname “Guira King” was given to him by a close friend DJ LaMoon (Kristiany Vissepó) for playing ‘la Guira’, a metallic percussion instrument used in Cumbia, in bars and clubs to get the people dancing!

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