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Jason Cuellar is a 29 year old Mexican-American born & raised in Austin, Texas. Born to two Mexican immigrants, he was raised with Mexican heritage and Texas culture. 

His love of music started at a young age, and evolved and grew over time. From playing saxophone in the school band, to playing guitar in a cumbia band, and now DJ’ing and producing his own music in Austin, Texas. 

The nickname “Guira King” was given to him by a close friend DJ LaMoon (Kristiany Vissepó) for playing ‘la Guira’, a metallic percussion instrument used in Cumbia, in bars and clubs to get the people dancing!

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BuckWild (Austin, TX)
Buffalo Boxing Club (Austin, TX)
Club Caribe (Austin, TX)
Club Planeta (Austin, TX)
El Coqui (Austin, Tx)
Firehouse Hostel (Austin, TX)
Hanovers Draught House (Austin, TX)
Hotel Vegas (Austin, TX)
Las Perlas (Austin, TX)
Lit Lounge (Austin, TX)
Mala Vida (Austin, TX)
Nixta Taqueria (Austin, TX)
Plaza Colombia (Austin, TX)
Revival Coffee (Austin, TX)
Sahara Lounge (Austin, TX)
Speakeasy (Austin, TX)
The Long Center (Austin, TX)
The Venue (Austin, TX)
The Volstead Lounge (Austin, TX)

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Grupo Xtenzo 

La Unión De La Cumbia 

Keyzer Music 

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